Why Your Customers Love Amazon Storefronts

55% of consumer begin their online shopping searches on Amazon. It’s overtaken Google for searches when people actually want to buy something.  That’s why it is so important to have a storefront as it gives your customers more ways to find you. 

What is an Amazon Storefront? 

An Amazon Storefront is your own shop in the middle of the Amazons prime real estate. Customers can explore and purchase products while the seller creates an immersive virtual experience containing text, video, photos and many more types of tiles and widgets. All of these features help demonstrate your brand story and show your products in action. 

Amazon introduced them towards the end of 2018. Since then they have continued to grow and develop and are available in many countries across the globe.

What are the benefits of a storefront?

There are many benefits to having a storefront for your brand. 

  • Unique designs – There are lots of ways to build your storefront from tiles to background videos to images with text. The trick is to pick the combinations that best show off the depth of your brand and selection of products. We can help you create a unique Store and promote your products with the many customizable features that Amazon’s builder has to offer. 
  • Get your own web address – You get your own amazon.co.uk web address which means you have the opportunity to create a unique easy-to-remember URL. You can use this storefront link on social media accounts and other external marketing platforms. This can help customers discover your range of products on Amazon and drive highly motivated traffic into an environment where they feel comfortable buying immediately.
  • Better shopping experience –  Your customer can explore your entire catalogue in one shoppable location. Just like your e-commerce website, you can split the products into categories that are easily accessed by the navigation bar. There are also many places available within the Storefront that can have key information & images.
  • Highlight Best Sellers – If you want to highlight the launch of new products, then a storefront can be the best way to do this. You can easily change the media to make your newest or best-selling products the main feature. 
  • Mirror your own website – From a brand-building perspective, the best thing about a storefront is the opportunity to mirror your brand’s own website. Using all of the features that the store builder has to offer, you can keep within your brand guidelines so your customers have a seamless experience wherever they are shopping.

Where to start:

You need to be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry if you’re on Seller Central. This can be an issue if a 3rd party seller has taken control of your brand, but with expert help, you can reclaim it for your brand. If you’re on Vendor Central you don’t need to go through this process. (A note of caution though, in lots of other ways Seller has many more advantages than Vendor, so don’t make this a reason for deciding how you build your Amazon e-commerce strategy.)

How can you measure the performance of the storefront?

Stores have an insights dashboard where statistics are gathered such as daily visitors, page views and sales that have generated from your store. There is also a feature that analyses traffic sources, by adding a tag to your Storefronts URL if you use external marketing. If you’re an Optimizon client, we will constantly monitor this and analyse the results. We’ll then advise on how to adjust the promotions to constantly optimise sales. 

4 things Optimizon always checks before submitting a Storefront:

1- Are there any typos, grammatical errors, or inaccuracies?

2- Does it render well on all devices?

3- Do the images look good?

4- Does the content comply with Store policies?

A review can take up to 72 hours and if it is approved it will be published automatically. If it isn’t you need to revise based on the comments and re-submit. But there is no need to worry about this if you work with our specialist team at Optimizon. We will take care of everything to do with creating, designing and publishing your storefront – we are here to help.

Get expert help!

If you do not currently have a storefront, then you should definitely think about making one! It gives your customers another way to connect with your brand whilst engaging, browsing and shopping. 

We have a team of Brand Content Specialists who can work with you to create an engaging storefront that conveys your brands look and feel.

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