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Amazon Technical Support Services

As anyone knows who has spent any time working on an Amazon account, the technical challenges are enormous. As the platform gets bigger, with fewer Amazon employees to run it, these challenges have mushroomed over the past few years.


Amazon Technical Challenges

Technical challenges are at every stage of the process from account set up and Brand Registry, to uploading listings, to logistics and fulfilment and listing suppression. Ongoing activities need to be monitored all the time, as even when a listing is uploaded and appears correctly on the front end, it can change from one day to the next.

Connections within Amazon

Getting hold of Amazon is highly impersonal. The main way is to raise a case. However it is extremely time consuming. If you have the same issue on 100 listings that’s 100 cases. Quite often the answer includes the instruction to ‘wait 3 days’, which means making sure to check back in that time frame. Amazon frequently close cases without resolving them too.

It all takes time away from your team who want to focus on more interesting projects and drains resource.

Recouping the cost of Vendor Chargebacks

Trying to save money on your Vendor Chargebacks, the analysis and co-ordination across warehouse/accounting teams can be draining. There are many different types of chargebacks and the technical attention to detail is needed to track everything.

Vendor Chargeback Training

We can offer you complete technical training for your team on  all aspects of chargebacks that will bring you return on investment many times over. We act as an integrated extension of your team

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