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Optimizon delivers TikTok Shop Services for global brands |  Give customers an excellent brand experience wherever they shop | Optimise your multi-channel expansion | Increasing ROI

Connect your brand with over 1.5 billion active users

Selling on TikTok broadens your reach to billions of users from a new generation who want to connect with your brand in new ways. The authenticity of TikTok enables brands to forge meaningful connections with shoppers, ensuring long-lasting success by capturing their attention and creativity in the spaces where they freely spend their time. TikTok Shop is growing at an astronomical rate, now is the time to join.

SPECIALIST TikTok Shop Services

Create impact for explosive and incremental sales

TikTok Shop seamlessly integrates entertainment and commerce, offering a smooth experience from discovery through purchase and beyond. With 97% of Gen Zers using social media as their top source of shopping inspiration, and the average user spending 95 minutes per day on the app, TikTok Shopping is the marketplace of the future. 

2 in 3 TikTok users are likely to make a purchase on the platform

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Catalogue Management & Operations 

We conduct thorough product research to identify trending items with demand on TikTok, selecting those that resonate with the audience and drive higher sales. Creating organised and user-friendly TikTok Shops provides a competitive edge, facilitating seamless browsing and purchasing for potential customers. 

To enhance efficiency, we integrate your TikTok Shop with platforms like Amazon or third-party logistics, streamlining order processing and delivery for prompt and satisfying customer experiences. Fulfilment by TikTok Shop (FBT) ensures efficient stock replenishment, minimising the risk of missed sales opportunities due to product unavailability. 

TikTok Affiliate Marketing 

Optimizing your affiliate marketing strategy involves selecting a suitable affiliate plan aligned with your brand’s goals and target audience. By collaborating with relevant and engaged TikTok creators, you can expose your products to a larger audience and drive sales through influencer marketing. Our agency has access to a diverse range of engaging TikTok influencers across various verticals, working closely with brands to identify the right influencers for maximum impact on the platform.  

Building strong relationships with affiliates is crucial for ongoing product promotion, ensuring a consistent flow of potential customers. 

TikTok Advertising & Content Strategy 

 Our TikTok Ad specialists craft bespoke strategies and execute successful campaigns. We create top-notch advertising content for global brands across multiple marketplaces to ensure a cohesive advertising plan for the best results. We stay ahead with platform features, swiftly testing and optimizing strategies. 

TikTok users are hungry for creative, fun content. We can help you create an on-trend content strategy outside of affiliate marketing to keep your brand’s profile alive and thriving. Whether you take the blueprint and run with it or wish for us to develop the videos and post for you, we can make sure you connect with your followers to grow your account and sales. 

Performance Reporting 

Achieving success on TikTok demands ongoing optimization and adaptation. Our agency excels in providing detailed analytics and data-driven insights to evaluate campaign performance, pinpoint areas for improvement, and shape future strategies.  

Regularly reviewing the effectiveness of affiliate marketing and content strategy allows us to refine approaches and concentrate on strategies that deliver optimal results. Informed by performance data, our recommendations for future strategies encompass adjustments to product selection, marketing tactics, and affiliate partnerships, ensuring optimized sales outcomes. 

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TikTok Sellers have a lot of new features and trends to navigate as this exciting new marketplace continues to expand at an exhilarating pace. Our team of e-commerce experts and founders with over 60+ years’ experience in the e-commerce space are here to help. Using our expertise in advertising, management, logistics and content creation we can help you launch and accelerate your TikTok marketing and sales. Start your TikTok journey today.