Customer Service

Service level metrics are everything on eBay. Unlike Amazon, which prioritises products with great reviews, eBay pushes to the top products that are delivered on time with fast, friendly communication.

eBay Customer Service

Remember, this is a channel that had its roots in people rooting out their second-hand stuff and chit-chatting to the buyer about how much they loved it. That legacy is embedded in the culture and mindset of today’s buyers.
You need every aspect covered, with meticulously planned and worded decision trees to cover every eventuality.

Becoming your Top Rated Seller status

Top Rated Seller status

Becoming or maintaining your Top Rated Seller status on eBay is extremely important to your sales volumes. Being a Top Rated seller is based not only on how many items you sell but the ratings you achieve in feedback from buyers. Top-Rated Seller status is much harder to get than a Power Seller rating, but the benefits it provides are worth having. Optimizon’s specialist eBay team will help you lay the foundations for becoming a Top Rated Seller, which can exponentially increase your sales.

You also need to plan communications to pre-empt possible customer service issues, especially if you’re using Amazon to fulfil your eBay orders. The labels can cause confusion for customers, so you need to head that off before it becomes an issue that affects your metrics.

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