Ocado Services

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The UK’s Biggest Grocery Marketplace

The UK grocery market, valued at £190 billion, sees Ocado positioned as the largest dedicated online grocery supermarket. With an inventory of over 50,000 products, including major brands and Ocado Own Label items, it provides a platform for smaller suppliers, offering support with shipment arrangements when needed.  

Ocado’s grocery delivery service covers over 74% of the UK, ensuring more than 97% of orders are accurate and on time, guaranteeing freshness and minimising substitutions. 

Specialist Ocado Services

Secure a spot in your customers' weekly food shop

With over 60k SKUs to compete with, Ocado isn’t for the faint-hearted; search results are key to success. 50% of items are added through searches, while 70% are added via the favourites section, meaning that brand loyalty, an enticing promotion strategy, and using the right keywords will boost revenue and ensure long-lasting success 

On average, items land in an Ocado basket in just 30 seconds

Multi-Channel Expansion to Ocado

Full Suite of Service for Selling on Ocado

As a seasoned e-commerce agency, we provide a comprehensive suite of Ocado services, guiding you through every step of the customer journey—from set up and management to optimisation and promotion of your Ocado listings.  

Our talented team of graphic designers and copywriters create visually appealing listings with compelling content. Alongside our management and operations teams and PPC experts, we focus on maximising your return on investment. Using our expertise in advertising and Ocado strategy, we help you outperform competitors. 

We're Here to Help

Optimizon’s award-winning advertisers, creative designers, rank-building copywriters and expert e-commerce managers are here to help. With over 60 years of combined e-commerce experience in our founding team, along with in-depth knowledge from ex-Amazon and eBay experts, we can elevate your digital shelf presence, expanding your reach and increasing revenue. If you need help curating the ultimate Ocado expansion, contact us today.