Amazon Paid Advertising

We offer two types of Amazon Paid Advertising – PPC and Display (via DSP)

When you’re serious about maximising your sales on Amazon, paid advertising is the best way to get your products in front of potential customers. A few years ago, an organic search may have been enough, but now the marketplace is crowded, and competition is fierce. Every year our clients spend over £1m on Amazon advertising. 

Traditional Amazon PPC Advertising

Traditional Amazon advertising includes Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Display Ads and Video Ads. Unlike Google display or PPC ads, no copy is required for Amazon Sponsored Brand or Sponsored Product ads. Amazon creates a native-looking ad from your title and image.

Fixed Price or Pay Per Click

The ad can be bought to give you a guaranteed number of impressions at a fixed price or Pay Per Click, an auction-based model in which you agree a price only pay when a shopper is sufficiently interested in your product or brand to click on the sponsored ad.

Seller Central or Vendor Central

If you are on Seller Central, you can buy ads on Amazon, IMDb and other sites owned by Amazon.

Or if you are on Vendor Central, you can also target your audience on third party sites.

Amazon Ads

Amazon is the largest marketplace in the World and has grown by over 50% in the UK alone this year. If consumers are going to Amazon to find and buy their products, it makes sense to increase your visibility in this marketplace. Optimizon can help you achieve higher returns on investment via Amazon Ads.

We're Here to Help!

Optimizon is an Amazon preferred partner advertising agency. Our Amazon Consultants are the leading industry experts. The entire Optimizon team is Amazon Certified in Sponsored Adverting, Planning and Strategy and DSP.

A well-structured ad campaign aligned with fully optimised listings can be the most effective way to achieve maximum sales on Amazon. If your advertising isn’t helping you reach your business goals, get in touch now.

Amazon Ads vs Google Ads