eBay Listing Optimisation

ebay listing optimisation

Optimising your Listings

Once people find your listing, you want them to buy. That means compelling copy, with the information presented in the right order to lead customers towards the sale.
Images are important as well as videos (which many people believe are not possible on eBay – we’ll show you how). Optimizon employs the leading specialists in eBay listing optimisation.

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Building Listings for the Best Results

Setting up your variations is also a skill we can help you with.
Multi variant listings with a drop-down menu to allow your customers to pick related items can concentrate traffic onto a listing. That’s great as it means lots of people get to see your listing.

On the other hand, it can cause problems as reviews can be spread more thinly, whereas single listings tend to get more – although it can take longer.
We’ll help you work out your long term strategy, balancing growth with overall results.

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Basket Size, Loyalty and Repeat Purchase

We don’t just optimize your listings for conversion, we optimize for stickiness, basket size and loyalty.

When someone buys once, it’s a sale. When they buy again, they’re a customer.

We put a lot of time and effort into getting your cross-sells right. If someone is buying a mobile phone, it’s the perfect time to add on a case, headphones or a charging cable for the car.

Algorithms can help with this, but a manual sense-check helps you weed out the oddities that a machine-learning system puts in and add in many that it might miss.

eBay Listing Optimisation

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