Amazon Vendor Chargeback Service

Optimizon has a team of dedicated Amazon Chargeback Specialists. We save Amazon vendors huge sums of money by reclaiming and disputing chargebacks, and by helping businesses avoid future charges.
Amazon Chargeback recovery service for vendors

Amazon Vendor Chargeback Recovery Service

Utilise the Optimizon Chargeback Recovery Service for Amazon Vendors. 

For many vendors a huge leakage of profits comes from the unexpected fees derived from Amazon Chargebacks and Shortages.

Many big brands are simply writing off this lost profit. Furthermore, some big businesses are unaware that these costs can be eliminated. Other vendors are simply choosing not to address the problem.

Why use an Amazon Chargeback Service:

Saves your business money  |  Helps your business to identify and resolve operational issues  |  Healthier long-term profit margins.

How Amazon Vendors can Avoid lost revenue

Amazon Chargeback Recovery Service

Amazon Vendor Chargebacks and Shortages could be costing your business thousands or millions in lost revenue. 

As an example, Optimizon works with a large brand that had a ‘relatively small’ proportion of chargeback fees, yet this still amounted to almost £3,000 a month.

The good news is Optimizon has personnel dedicated to helping clients claw back unwarranted charges

It’s wise not to simply write these costs off as an ‘Amazon cost’.  Not only will keeping on top of them save you money immediately, but it will also help you shape your operations to better comply with the Amazon Vendor Manual in the long term – and save money going forward. 

Optimizon’s Amazon Chargeback Recovery Service will save your business money and increase your ROI.

Amazon Vendor Chargeback Recovery Service
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Amazon Vendor Chargeback Recovery

The Optimizon Vendor Chargeback Service that will save you money:

  • Review, assess and track Amazon chargebacks.
  • Gather evidence for disputes.
  • Analyse Operational Performance.
  • Review performance insights.
  • Understand non-compliance issues for specific ASINS.
  • Pro-actively dispute each item chargeback with supporting evidence, avoiding costly new charges.
  • Review Co Op payments on a monthly basis, highlighting opportunities for clients to make big savings on their annual review payments. 
  • Check Amazon is charging you correctly.
  • Report defect types to client on monthly basis.
  • Report on KPIs.
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Amazon Chargeback Service

If your business requires help with Vendor Chargeback Fees, Shortages charges, or any other Amazon Management Issue. Please reach out to our team.

Optimizon has dedicated Amazon Chargeback Specialists, who can save you huge sums of money. We’re also on hand to assist with any other Amazon or marketplace requirements that will increase your ROI.