Optimizon Retail

If you’re looking for a ‘one stop shop’ to launch your brand in the UK, Optimizon has a turnkey solution. It’s simple and effortless and you can be absolutely sure your brand will be represented in the way that you want.

Amazon Consignment Model

Here’s how it works. Shipments of your goods go directly to Amazon in a Vendor account. Title of the goods remains yours until purchased by a consumer. Amazon pays us, and we send you a purchase order to invoice us.

Our goal is to give the consumer a seamless experience wherever they choose to shop in the ecommerce universe.

Protecting your Brand on Amazon

Whether they buy from your website, Amazon or a marketplace, your customer will have the same emotional relationship with your brand. We don’t just make sure the look and feel similar. We really take the time to get to know the essence of your brand personality so every creative element tells the same story.

To make that happen, we communicate effectively at the beginning of this journey, so we know exactly what your brand values and guidelines are. Whilst we’re working independently in your best interest within these marketplaces, your brand values will still be at the core of everything we do.

Expanding into Marketplaces in International Territories

The benefits of Optimizon Retail are:

Ease of access to the UK by bringing the brand to the UK or finding a way to supply your products to the UK

Global expansion opportunities

To help you take back control from resellers/wholesalers

Continue to sell alongside re-sellers and maintain the relationship

We are experts in all areas of retail, and any marketplace not just Amazon/eBay.

All Marketplaces

It’s a great way to gain access to multiple new markets and marketplaces without time consuming, expensive and risky investment in staff and infrastructure.

In-house Amazon Training for your team

Plus, if you want to eventually take all your operations in house, we can facilitate that too, by adding a skills transfer element to the statement of work. We’ll ensure that your people get ongoing training, by formalised workshops and on-the-job shadowing. When it’s time to hand over, you have a fully upskilled team who are as competent as we are, and you’ll have your own direct Vendor relationship with Amazon.

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Optimizon works with some of the world’s leading brands, helping deliver the best brand experience within leading online marketplaces. Find out how we can help improve your online marketplace sales. 

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