Amazon Brand Benefit Eligibility page: a new tool for brands

There is no doubt that Amazon’s focus has shifted to attracting big brands onto its marketplace. This is perhaps to counter the offer from emerging platforms such as Wayfair and OnBuy. However, it’s also clear that consumers love receiving a great brand experience, wherever they buy from.

Amazon has been achieving their aim by allowing brands to deliver a superior brand experience on the platform.

However, controlling and enhancing your brand experience hasn’t always been straightforward on Amazon. But, Amazon’s new Brand Benefit Eligibility page now helps companies manage their brand relationships directly from seller central.

Here, Amazon Consultant Nicola Graves explains what the new features are, and how they can help companies improve their brand experience on Amazon.

What is the Amazon Brand Benefit Eligibility page?

The new interface provides accessible support for Brand issues. It helps brand sellers increase the visibility of their products and offer a more complete experience to customers.

Amazon Brand Registry is Amazon’s authoritative service which has a number of benefits. Apart from taking control of your brand on Amazon, the benefits include reporting any infringement of intellectual property rights and gaining more control over presentation and product information. Furthermore, it provides access to marketing tools such as enhanced brand content or sponsored brands, as well as storefront creation.

Creating a great brand experience on Amazon, accelerating growth, building trusted customer relations, scaling your business, and promoting your products are huge incentives for sellers. But, the Brand Benefit Eligibility Page also streamlines your relationship with Amazon.

Faster resolution via the Amazon Brand Benefit Eligibility page

Brand owners, companies or resellers often reach out to seller support about not having a certain permissions or benefits for a brand they sell products for, or because a certain benefit is only available for some of their brands when they would expect it to be available for more.

A common reason for this is due to the Brand Relationship they have been assigned. Internal to the brand is the role that provides access to all the growth tools available to Brand Owners. External to the brand is limited access to the tools available to Brand Owners.

This is an issue when the seller suggests they should have a different role, and is time consuming because the process can be long and usually looks something like this: 

  1. The seller notices they are missing something they would expect from one of their brands;
  2. Subsequently, the seller contacts seller support;
  3. Seller support contact the team who owns the benefit;
  4. Team who own the benefit tells Seller Support it is caused by the brand role and if they believe it is incorrect then to reach out to Brand Registry;
  5. Seller support contact the team who own the benefit;
  6. Team who own the benefit tells seller support it is caused by the Brand role, and if they believe it is incorrect then to reach out to Brand Registry;
  7. Seller support responds to the seller with this information, the seller often claims they should be identified as internal to the Brand;
  8. Seller support then contacts Brand Registry with this information asking to update their Brand Relationship.

Taking control of a brand – becoming ‘Internal to the brand’

If you are not identified as internal to the brand you can’t enjoy some growth tools. Such as: 

Amazon Brand Analytics

This provides you with in depth purchase behaviour data to help you improve your business and increase sales.


Vine enables you to get reviews from trusted reviewers prior to launching new products.

Manage Your Experiments

This tool allows you to run A/B experiments on changes to your listings to validate how it helps or hurts the customer experience.

Where to find the Brand Benefit Eligibility page

The page will appear in the Seller Central dashboard. It will include an overview of an exclusive set of Brand Benefit Tools. Additionally, it will have a table containing every brand that the seller is associated with as well as their relationship with that role (internal or external to the registered brand.)

There will be links for sellers to click if they believe their role is incorrect, which will start a workflow to correct this. You will also find a list of available benefits and which roles they are applicable for so users can see their role for each brand, and then determine which benefits they should have for that brand.

Faster dispute resolution

The goal is to solve brand relationship issues faster and this is how it is achieved:

  1. Seller notices they are missing something they would expect for one of their brands
  2. The seller is directed to the Brand Benefit Eligibility Page and checks their brand role, seeing they are not identified as internal to the brand 
  3. Seller clicks a button on the Brand Benefit page to auto-cut a ticket to Brand Registry with this information asking to update their Brand Relationship and help to accelerate your growth on Amazon by increased visibility through growth tools. 

Amazon says this will be a much quicker and more efficient way of dealing with these issues. All you have to do to access it is register your brand into Brand Registry, go to the ‘Brand Tab’ and then to the ‘All Brand Benefits’ page. Here you will be presented with an overview of an exclusive set of brand benefit tools. Again, you can check which brands you are associated with. More specifically, you will see whether you are identified as external to a brand you are selling, if you have been identified as internal to the brand you can positively accelerate your growth on Amazon by increased visibility through growth tools.

More on the Brand Benefit Eligibility page features

Vine: Vine reviews are published on average 12 to 14 days after the item is delivered and are generally more helpful to customers than other Amazon reviews. This helps to build customer trust and increase early sales on Amazon. Vine also helps you to better understand your customer and receive honest product feedback early in your product life.

Manage Your Experiments: Experiments let you compare two versions of content against each other so you can see which performs better. This is a form of A/B testing available for free to brands.

At the end of the experiment, you can review which version performed the best and then publish the winning content. As a result, this tool can potentially increase your sales by optimizing your Amazon content. The experiments can be performed on

New seller incentives

Amazon is continuing to target new and existing brands to sell on the largest marketplace on the planet. As a result, Amazon is offering a number of new seller incentives such as:

  • New brand bonus on for your first £800,000 in branded sales.
  • Credits for Transparency to help protect your brand. 
  • Credits to try Amazon Vine and kickstart product reviews.

For large brands, the brand bonus offer is worth up to £40,000.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

For brands interested in leveraging Amazon’s rapid FBA service, Amazon is offering new brands:

  • Money off inbound shipping using Amazon Partnered Carrier program.
  • Money off inbound shipping for sellers outside the UK using Amazon Global Logistics.
  • 90 days free storage for 50 units and 180 days free removals.

Amazon ads

More businesses are seeing the benefit of utilising Amazon ads to increase product visibility. New sellers can claim:

  • Credit for sponsored products CPC ads.
  • Credit for Amazon coupons.

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