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Wayfair Consulting Services

Total Brand Control with Wayfair Account Management

Wayfair is fast becoming the leading marketplace for home, garden and kitchen goods such as furniture and home appliances. Increasingly, shoppers for large, considered purchases search on this marketplace as well as Amazon and eBay.

Wayfair’s stated aim is to meet the emotional needs of those who use their home to express “self and identity” and who “seek uniqueness, originality and enjoy the feeling created by home design, furniture and décor”. 

Optimizon was the UK’s first specialist Wayfair agency. We are official partners with an invaluable source of knowledge and expertise that benefits our clients with increased ranking results on their products. We also offer a full service which includes account set-up and management, creative, advertising, insights, promotions and translations. 

Increase Sales on Wayfair

Content Creation on Wayfair

Most of our clients first optimise the listings for Amazon. Not only is it by far the largest of all the consumer marketplaces, but it also needs the most comprehensive content. We treat the Amazon listing as ‘the single source of truth’ and use this as the data source to create your Wayfair listings.  

We have developed specific ways to syndicate your Amazon content onto different marketplaces.  Your copy and images are efficiently repurposed to fit the marketplace. This method helps you amortise the costs of creating the initial Amazon listing creation across a number of platforms and also helps minimise approval times.

We can syndicate your content onto many other marketplaces, in the same way, to help you gain exponential value. 

Wayfair Account Management & Optimisation

Wayfair account management, listing & optimisation services

Account Set-Up & Management

Optimizon helps get your account set up on Wayfair. We will guide you through all the paperwork, approvals and processes, and help you secure your own Wayfair account managers.

Wayfair Consulting Services

Advice on all aspects of Wayfair to help you avoid many of the common mistakes and missed opportunities that you would discover the hard way. With over 12 years of experience with our e-commerce consultants, we’ve “been there, done that”, and yes, in the early days, we made a few mistakes. As a result, you will benefit.

Listing & Content Creation

Wayfair has its own format and character limits. We produce creative work tailored to make your brand stand out, whilst also maximising conversion and reflecting your brand personality and tone of voice. 

Wayfair Paid Advertising

As with Google, Amazon and other platforms, Wayfair provides a paid advertising facility. We optimise your Wayfair ad campaigns and target the most relevant customer groups. The goal is to gradually increase the effectiveness and return on ad spend as products gain popularity and are pushed higher in the rankings.  

Wayfair In-Depth Insights

Wayfair has a Consumer Insights dashboard, which we use to give you sales reports and in-depth analytical information. This data on Wayfair’s store and category combinations can help inform business decisions for growth and market share.  

You will get regular reports on units sold and in-depth information and data on selection trends based on store, category and individual attributes.


We advise and make plans to run and adjust campaigns to coincide with promotions aimed at major retail holidays, seasonal periods and Wayfair’s annual Way Day, much like Amazon’s Prime Day, where you can take advantage of increased website traffic during the bargain-shopping event. 

Wayfair Logistics & Fulfilment

Wayfair operates on the drop-ship model and pays for the shipping cost. We give advice and support and help you develop a strategy and help you with planning and logistics of shipping to provide an excellent customer experience.  


If you’re selling products across Europe and America, we accurately translate the effective copy we write into different languages and terms, without losing your tone of voice, so your products rank better in the search results of multiple countries and markets. 

Sell on Wayfair whilst maintaining your existing e-commerce and retail relationships. Optimizon can help you keep other platforms and networks happy, whilst making the most of Wafair. For example, launching product assortments under one of Wayfair’s own brands that vary in style and price point.

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