The Amazon’s Suspension Process

Suddenly facing account suspension is every seller’s nightmare.  Overnight and sometimes seemingly without reason, your listings or account is shut down resulting in a massive loss of time, energy and money. 

Fortunately we tackle these challenges with our clients all the time and, as Amazon specialists, know the ins and outs of this tricky terrain. 

Here are a few common reasons we see from Amazon’s mysterious suspension process.   

Policy Violations: Amazon’s stringent policies are designed to ensure a trustworthy marketplace. According to Amazon’s Transparency Report, they seized and destroyed over 2 million counterfeit products and closed down thousands of accounts for policy violations. Amazon’s focus is ensuring that customer trust comes first on their platform and seller policy violations can include manipulating customer reviews or using prohibited advertising practices. 

Performance Issues: Meeting Amazon’s performance metrics is crucial. Falling below standards can result in suspensions. In a Marketplace Pulse report, it was cited that 7% of Amazon sellers were at risk of account suspension due to performance issues.  These can include late shipment rates and cancellation rates – your Optimizon Account manager and our technical team keep an eye on these metrics for you at all times ensuring you don’t fall foul of any performance issues within your control. 

Intellectual Property Claims: Amazon takes intellectual property seriously. A report from Amazon’s Brand Protection Team stated they had invested over $700 million to protect customers and brands, which included taking action on 6 million suspected intellectual property infringements.  Trademark and patent infringement are common reasons why sellers may get suspended. 

Account Verification Issues: Amazon requires sellers to verify their accounts.  Based on the new INFORM Consumers Act, which came into effect on June 27 2023, Amazon is required to collect and verify information about your seller account.  Failing to do so or being suspected of fraud can lead to suspensions. The Optimizon team are familiar with the verification process for Amazon sellers and support our clients through what can be a frustrating experience! 

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