Selling on eBay as a beauty brand

In the expansive world of online commerce, eBay emerges as a leading destination for beauty and fashion enthusiasts alike. This exceptional marketplace provides a specialised platform for sellers to exhibit their products and enhance brand visibility. With Health & Beauty claiming the seventh spot among eBay’s largest categories, it’s clear that the platform offers significant opportunities for beauty brands to flourish. Let’s dive into some impressive sales data for search terms on eBay in 2022, as per eBay Terapeak data: 

  • The Make-Up Category had 53,282 sellers and made £7,893,211.59 
  • The Fragrance Category had 20,326 sellers and made £4,755,571.81 
  • The Skin Care Category had 13,763 sellers and made £3,875,198.95 
  • The Bath & Body Category had 15,947 sellers and made £2,304,757.08 

These statistics indicate that selling beauty products on eBay can be lucrative, as evidenced by the substantial sales figures across various sub-categories. Despite varying numbers of sellers, each category generated significant revenue, with makeup leading the pack, followed by fragrance, skincare, and bath & body products. The high number of sellers in each category suggests a competitive market, but the impressive sales figures underscore the potential for success in the beauty sector on eBay. 

Now, let’s uncover the strategies and best practices essential for success in the dynamic beauty category on eBay. 


The eBay Advantage 

eBay’s appeal stems from its capacity to draw in shoppers in search of distinctive and specialised beauty products. As the second-largest marketplace, eBay drives substantial traffic, essentially serving as an external advertising avenue for sellers. The reach of promoted listings extends beyond the platform, highlighting the importance of fostering a strong relationship with eBay through CPS ads. 


Brand Control 

Unlike other platforms, eBay excels in catering to disposal and overstock items, providing brands with control over how their products are presented and sold. By creating eBay listings themselves, brands maintain authority over pricing, imagery, and product quality. This control mitigates concerns related to counterfeits and unauthorised usage of branding, ensuring a positive brand representation. 


Strategies for eBay Success 

eBay’s history in discontinued lines offers a unique opportunity for sellers to meet shopper expectations while defying stereotypes. By offering discontinued lines at competitive prices and experimenting with niche products, sellers can attract attention and build rapport with eBay. Employing dynamic pricing strategies and creating exclusive deals further enhances visibility and garners platform support. 


Retargeting & Buyer Groups 

eBay’s retargeting options, including Buyer Groups, revolutionise how sellers engage with their audience. By personalising promotions, coupons, and newsletters based on purchase frequency, sellers can nurture relationships and drive organic sales growth. Leveraging retargeting to target customers running low on products amplifies conversion rates and fosters customer loyalty. 


Storefronts & Clickable Banners 

eBay storefronts serve as a crucial tool for retaining buyer interest and guiding them to specific listings or storefronts. Integrating clickable banners on product listings enhances navigation and highlights best sellers and promotions. These banners serve as dynamic tools to showcase a brand’s entire catalogue, ensuring maximum exposure to potential buyers. 


VeRO & Image Protection 

eBay empowers brands to protect their intellectual property through the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program. While eBay isn’t as strict as other platforms, VeRO enables brands to swiftly take down infringing listings and maintain brand integrity, however, doesn’t remove the listing forever. The listing owner can simply create new images or text to be uploaded but while this is going on, you have time to dominate the keywords and search results, taking away their sales. 


eBay offers a wealth of opportunities for beauty brands to thrive. By leveraging eBay’s extensive reach, dynamic selling tools, and strategic partnerships, beauty sellers can carve a distinct niche in the competitive e-commerce landscape. So, gear up, beauty brands, and embark on a journey of innovation and excellence on eBay! 

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