If you are thinking of listing your products on eBay, get in touch with us first. As an official partner, we can often negotiate much better fee arrangements, preferential terms and special promotions.

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Our eBay listing optimisation
services include

eBay Account Management

Right from the word go, we help you get the most out of eBay. Unlike Amazon, if you’re a substantial seller with a proper brand in a mainstream category, eBay will assign you some form of account manager.

eBay Listing Optimisation

Once people find your listing, you want them to buy. That means compelling copy, with the information presented in the right order to lead customers towards the sale.

Customer Service

Service level metrics are everything on eBay. Unlike Amazon, which prioritises products with great reviews, eBay pushes to the top products that are delivered on time with fast, friendly communication.

Logistics and Returns

Our team of eBay selling experts can help your business take steps to reduce the number of returns your organisation receives. All of this achieved via above-board, positive steps and techniques.

Paid Advertising

Driving traffic to your products is essential. Our experts are on hand to help you power-boost your eBay sales via highly optimised and targeted paid advertising campaigns.

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