Reflecting on Success: eCom Insights ’24 Event Recap 

eCom Insights ’24 marked a historic milestone for Optimizon as it proudly hosted its very first event! We are thrilled to share the excitement and success as this day was nothing short of extraordinary, filled with invaluable insights, engaging discussions, and connections that will help shape the future of e-commerce.

The support and enthusiasm from our community were truly overwhelming. We were honoured to welcome a diverse group of like-minded individuals, industry leaders, and experts who came together to explore the latest trends and strategies in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

Our exceptional lineup of speakers, representing industry giants like Linnworks, Google Cloud, GETIDA, and more, delivered thought-provoking keynotes, insightful talks, and dynamic panel discussions. Their expertise illuminated the current landscape and provided a glimpse into the strategies that will drive success in 2024.

The event provided a platform for networking and collaboration at the luxurious Home House. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with peers, thought leaders, and sponsors, fostering meaningful relationships surrounded by incredible food and canapes.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors whose unwavering support was integral to the event’s success. Their commitment to advancing e-commerce insights and solutions added immense value to the entire experience.

For those who were unable to attend, we understand the desire for insights. As a token of appreciation, we are pleased to share our exclusive whitepaper in collaboration with Linnworks. This document encapsulates some of the key takeaways and strategies discussed during the event, providing a valuable resource for advancing your e-commerce endeavours.

This inaugural event has set the stage for future eCom Insights, and we are eager to continue this journey of growth and exploration with our community. The success of eCom Insights ’24 has fuelled our enthusiasm to curate even more impactful events that bring together industry leaders, thought-provoking discussions, and unparalleled networking opportunities so watch this space!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making eCom Insights ’24 a resounding success. We are truly grateful for your support and look forward to continued collaboration and exploration of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the e-commerce landscape.

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Linnworks is a connected CommerceOps platform that gives online retailers the power to connect,automate and scale their ecommerce operation from a single source of truth. With over 4,000 customersand $15 billion GMV processed every year, Linnworks empowers small and medium ecommerce retailersto simplify their commerce ops, drive new revenue, exceed customer expectations and streamline logistics..

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GreyScout is the only end-to-end platform that lets you quickly detect, authenticate, and take enforcement action against grey market sellers. Protect your reputation, strengthen customer safety, and tackle IP infringers, all in one place and at scale. With a 95% enforcement success rate, our software helps eCommerce and legal teams take control of IP infringement before it’s too late.

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Getida is the global leader in Amazon FBA auditing and reimbursement solutions for sellers worldwide. They ensure you are optimized for maximum profitability by finding and securing more in FBA recovery, allowing you to benefit from greater profitability, faster refunds, and more money to reinvest in your business.

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Part of the Whistl Group, Parcelhub helps businesses overcome carrier management challenges that integrate seamlessly with your technology. With regionally located depots throughout the UK, multi-channel retailers, brands and wholesalers benefit from one point of contact for flexible and scalable delivery management services

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SHOPLINE is one of Asia’s largest and fastest-growing commerce solution providers. The SHOPLINE platform offers a rich ecosystem of technologies and resources that empowers you to succeed. Merchants leverage SHOPLINE’s omnichannel solutions for social and e-commerce to sell their products and services around the world

Dream, build, and transform with Google Cloud Build apps fast, make smart business decisions, and connect people anywhere. Cloud computing, ready for business Whether you’re migrating or already in the cloud, we’ll help you modernize and digitally transform your business.

The leading, award winning, customer analytics tool for Amazon sellers. Optimizon’s proprietary tech- Nozzle tackles the lack of customer data available on Amazon including customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime value and more. This data is essential for making informed business decisions. Before you throw any more money at customer acquisition, uncover your most profitable products and understand which lead to repeat purchases and upsells. Easily identify gaps in your marketing budget and optimise your marketing strategy to drive growth. is a European cloud-based technology bank for payments, powering card acceptance across 24 countries and 985+ devices. With an ECB approved banking license and physical presence in 24 European markets, our tap-on-any-device for in-store, smart checkout for online and marketplace payment solution, support any business’ payment checkout journey, accepting of 38+ payment methods.

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