Optimizon Group’s Visionary Merger with Nozzle and Marketplace Amp

Optimizon Group’s merger with Nozzle and Marketplace Amp is poised to revolutionize the approach to e-commerce by enhancing our data-driven capabilities. Read on to find out how these strategic acquisitions will empower Optimizon to provide more insightful, efficient, and customer-centric e-commerce services.

The future for our services promises to unlock new opportunities, strengthen our expertise, and ultimately drive the company towards its goal of becoming Europe’s largest data-led e-commerce agency.

Why these acquisitions?

The motivation behind acquiring the two businesses was to give our customers more data-led insights intro lifetime value of a customer on the Nozzle side.

The Nozzle team’s expertise allows us to give our clients an enriched data-set, not just for selling on Amazon, but also for new product development and understanding their customers more. We quantify the actions that customers take, the repeat orders, the lifetime value, cross-sales and upsells.

Our mission here is to become Europe’s largest data-led e-commerce agency and having Nozzle as part of the Optimizon Group will really drive us forward into accomplishing this goal.

The AMP brand will be integrated into the current Optimizon team and will complement and strengthen the existing team, allowing us to learn from each other. As seasoned Amazon professionals are very well aware, you only know what you know within the world of Amazon! The complexity means more resource to develop more services is key to expanding and growing our clients sales and our client base

If you do have questions about the services we can provide as a result of our acquisitions, please get in touch with our Account Management team who will be happy to talk through how you can use our combined knowledge to your advantage.


Our roadmap is more exciting than ever! We are itching to start delivering for our clients.

In the world of e-commerce, no two days are the same, its completely evolving every day. We’re the same! Over the next 6 to 12 months we’re looking to become Europe’s largest data-led e-commerce consultancy across the digital shelf. To do that, we’re looking to increase the number of acquisitions we make so watch this space!.

Look out for announcements in the shopify space, tikok and social commerce as we bring those capabilities into the business. We will branch out into these areas so we can continue our mission to provide customers with consistent shopping experiences no matter what channel they use in the e-commerce universe, using the best data combinations to target consumers efficiently

We’re delighted to say that Walmart has also recently partnered with Optimizon Group. As Amazons largest US competitor, we can help brands on this platform, and extend our help to support them in moving into Europe as well. We are well-positioned to support on the complexities of European language, culture and legislation.

Exciting times ahead, let’s re-define e-commerce together.

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