How Do I Protect My Brand On Amazon?

Many manufacturers are finding they are losing control over their brands on Amazon. Their products are being misrepresented at best or listed with product descriptions that are completely inaccurate. Imagine what kind of review will be left when someone buys one of these products. Imagine the damage this could do to the brand and reputation. Think about the loss of sales which would ultimately follow! This is why it is important for you to protect your brand on Amazon.

The Amazon Brand Registry is a program for sellers who manufacture or sell their own branded products. The program’s goal is to make it easier for sellers with their own brands to manage and list their products on Amazon. Registering your brand with Amazon gives you increased control over your products’ titles, details, bullet points, product description, meta-data, and other attributes.

Here are some of the useful situations in which Brand Registry will help your business control the brand equity experience and overall, protect your brand:

  1. Let’s say you sell your own private label products on Amazon, and you want to make sure the content you submitted for your products doesn’t get changed by other sellers, this is a very good way to lock down content.
  2. You may have other resellers listing your brand of products on Amazon, but they haven’t done a good job of creating accurate or complete content for the site – you can update and lock down that content. You may also have products that you don’t sell on Amazon, but a reseller will eventually sell these items. Through Brand Registry, you can create “shell” listings, and lock down the content so future resellers will have good content on existing listings to use.
  3. Even if you don’t have the rights to a brand you sell on Amazon, you may be able to get Brand Registry permission to lock down content if you send Amazon a letter of approval from the brand owner for you to control and update Amazon listings content on behalf of the brand.

Amazon Brand Registry can also be especially useful if you have multiple retailers selling your products online.

The Amazon Brand Registration process takes approximately 15 minutes to submit online, with an average waiting time of around 10 business days for Amazon to complete the brand registry. If you’re interested in learning more about Amazon Brand Registration, please contact us today.

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