Exploring Sustainable Beauty with Disrupter London: An Interview with Founder Sira Naidu 

Back in February 2024, we hosted our inaugural e-commerce event with some of the biggest and brightest names in the biz. The day was a huge success with plans underway for an even bigger and better event the same time next year – eCom Insights 2025!  

At this world-leading event, our partners, Linnworks, set up a pop-up podcast studio to interview some of the great minds passing through. You can watch the entire video with Sira Naidu, Founder of Disruptor London, above or check out the key take-aways below. 

In the competitive world of beauty and personal care, Disrupter London stands out with its commitment to sustainability and innovation. Founder Sira Naidu recently shared insights into the company’s mission, product development, and growth strategies, highlighting their unique approach in an industry often criticised for overconsumption and waste. 

A Vision for Sustainability 

Disruptor London was born out of a desire to address significant gaps in the market for sustainable, zero-waste, and plastic-free personal care products. The company focuses on three core pillars: reducing plastic waste, addressing water scarcity, and combating overconsumption. These principles guide every aspect of their product development and business strategy. 

Innovative Product Development 

Traditional beauty products, such as shampoos, contain up to 90% water, leading to unnecessary shipping and plastic packaging. Disruptor London tackles this issue by creating solid, concentrated products that are activated with water during use. This approach not only reduces their carbon footprint but also eliminates the need for plastic packaging. Additionally, their products are designed to be multifunctional and genderless, challenging conventional beauty standards and promoting inclusivity. 

Strategic Marketplace Partnerships 

When it comes to selling their products, Disruptor London prioritises alignment with marketplaces that share their values. They partner with platforms like Circular and Canopy, which focus on sustainable brands and attract consumers who are committed to responsible shopping. This targeted approach helps Disrupter London reach the right audience without compromising their principles. 

Navigating Shipping Challenges 

Post-Brexit, many UK-based brands, including Disruptor London, have faced increased shipping costs and cross-border challenges. To manage these issues, the company has focused on solidifying its presence in the UK market before expanding into Europe. This strategy allows them to build a strong foundation while gradually addressing international logistics. 

Building Brand Awareness 

For a young brand like Disruptor London, building authority and credibility is crucial. Sira Naidu emphasises the importance of getting coverage from reputable publications and engaging directly with consumers through podcasts and events. By sharing the faces and stories behind the brand, they create meaningful connections with their audience, fostering a loyal community. 

Emerging Trends in Beauty 

Looking ahead, Sira identifies a growing interest in sustainable beauty practices. Consumers are increasingly drawn to concepts like “slow beauty” and “quiet beauty,” which focus on minimalist routines and mindful consumption. This shift aligns perfectly with Disruptor London’s ethos and presents exciting opportunities for future growth. 


Disruptor London exemplifies how a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation can carve out a unique niche in the beauty industry. By adhering to their core values and strategically partnering with like-minded marketplaces, they are not only addressing significant environmental issues but also building a brand that resonates with conscious consumers. As trends continue to evolve towards more sustainable practices, Disruptor London is well-positioned to lead the charge in redefining beauty standards. 

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