Expanding E-Commerce Horizons: Insights from Iain Lythall of 7th Heaven 

Back in February 2024, we hosted our inaugural e-commerce event with some of the biggest and brightest names in the biz. The day was a huge success with plans underway for an even bigger and better event the same time next year – eCom Insights 2025!  

At this world-leading event, our partners, Linnworks, set up a pop-up podcast studio to interview some of the great minds passing through. You can watch the entire video with Iain Lythall, Director at Montagne Jeunesse, below or check out the key take-aways underneath. 

In the dynamic world of skincare, 7th Heaven stands out as a pioneering brand. Iain Lythall, one of the directors at Montagne Jeunesse, sheds light on the company’s strategies for growth, marketing, and international expansion. 

A Legacy in Skincare 

7th Heaven, a family-owned business established in the mid-1980s, specialises in a variety of skincare products including face masks, hair gloss, and sheet masks. Known for its commitment to quality, the brand has carved out a significant niche in the facial skincare market. 

Diverse Sales Channels 

The brand’s primary sales channel is through an FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) relationship. Recently, they ventured into eBay, which proved fruitful during the holiday season due to the giftable nature of their products. Additionally, 7th Heaven is exploring new marketplaces like Tesco to boost their sales volumes. 

Global Reach and Distribution 

Selling in 90 countries, 7th Heaven employs a flexible distribution model. They manage customer relationships directly in some markets, use third-party logistics in others, and engage in buy-sell relationships where suitable. This adaptable approach allows them to cater to the unique needs of each market effectively. 

Harnessing the Power of Social Media 

Social media platforms like TikTok play a crucial role in 7th Heaven’s marketing strategy. By creating buzz and excitement around their products, the brand generates demand even before entering new markets. TikTok not only serves as a direct sales channel but also attracts the attention of retail buyers looking for trending products. 

TikTok Shop: A Launchpad for Success 

7th Heaven leverages TikTok Shop to launch new products and build demand from day one. Unlike traditional retailers with limited launch windows, TikTok provides an immediate and continuous sales channel. This strategy helps the brand attract retail buyers and expand its market presence. 

Optimising Shipping Costs 

High shipping costs are a challenge for many businesses. To tackle this, 7th Heaven optimises its packaging to reduce bulk, negotiates better rates with providers, and collaborates with nearby businesses to consolidate shipments. These strategies help minimise shipping expenses and allow the brand to reinvest savings into advertising. 

Advice for E-commerce Ambitions 

For ambitious e-commerce retailers, Lythall advises exploring various marketplaces and understanding their unique benefits. Leveraging marketplace strategies to target new consumers and retargeting previous visitors is crucial. Observing successful competitors and emulating their strategies can also provide valuable insights. 


7th Heaven’s journey underscores the importance of flexibility, strategic marketing, and cost management in the skincare industry. By utilising diverse sales channels, harnessing the power of social media, and optimising operations, 7th Heaven continues to thrive and expand globally. 

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