B&Q Marketplace: Everything you need to know

Optimizon is pleased to announce our partnership with B&Q, a leading figure in home improvement since 1969. Renowned for their commitment to facilitating home improvement and fostering better living environments, B&Q has become the go-to destination for over 20 million individuals annually seeking to enhance their homes and lifestyles.  

Responding to the evolving needs of consumers for speed, convenience, and mobile accessibility, B&Q has introduced the B&Q Marketplace on diy.com.  

Launched in March 2022, the specialist home improvement marketplace has expanded to offer over 300,000 products across various categories, including recent additions such as cookware and tableware. This platform offers customers a seamless shopping experience, providing access to a diverse array of products from over 400 verified sellers. 


Key Benefits for Selling on B&Q Marketplace 

Leverage a platform known for its strong reputation: For sellers, listing products with B&Q Marketplace presents an opportunity to tap into a highly reputable platform with over 250 million annual visits to diy.com. Becoming a merchant not only offers increased visibility but also provides an instant credibility boost, leveraging B&Q’s trusted name in the industry. 

Keep Your Inventory on Hand: Maintain control over your inventory by storing it yourself. You handle the shipping process, allowing you to stay profitable even with products that have tighter margins. 

Low Merchant Operating Fees: Enjoy cost-effective selling with B&Q’s marketplace model. Pay a small subscription fee, and only incur a commission when you successfully sell a product. This ensures that your expenses are directly tied to your sales, maximising profitability. 

Simple Setup and Management: Streamline your operations with B&Q’s user-friendly platform. Easily integrate your catalogue of products into the marketplace, allowing you to start selling efficiently. With straightforward management tools, you can focus on growing your sales while minimising administrative hassle. 

Access to a Trusted Retail Brand: Benefit from association with one of the UK’s most recognisable and credible home improvement retail brands. B&Q’s longstanding reputation for quality and reliability enhances your own credibility as a seller, instilling trust in potential customers. 

Tap into Significant Traffic: Leverage the extensive reach of diy.com, one of the top retail websites in the UK. With significant traffic and a broad consumer base, B&Q’s platform provides third-party sellers with access to a vast audience, expanding your potential customer base and driving sales growth. 


How to Get Started on B&Q Marketplace? 

Here’s the step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs looking to start selling on B&Q Marketplace: 

  1. Apply to Become a Merchant: Entrepreneurs can complete a straightforward form in three easy steps, providing all necessary details about themselves and their products. The B&Q Marketplace team reviews applications against stringent criteria to ensure a positive customer experience. Accepted merchants then proceed through the onboarding process, which includes agreeing to the platform’s Terms & Conditions and passing required checks for both merchants and products.
  2. Publish Products: Once products are uploaded, they can be purchased directly from the marketplace, which boasts millions of eager buyers. Sellers’ products are showcased alongside first-party B&Q items in search results and listings. Customers can easily identify items sold by individual merchants with a “Sold & shipped by X” label. During checkout, products are grouped based on whether they’re sold and shipped by B&Q or fulfilled by verified merchants.
  3. Watch Revenue Grow: Sellers can observe their revenue climbing as customers make purchases directly from the B&Q marketplace. This presents an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn how to optimise sales and leverage the marketplace to its fullest potential. Throughout the onboarding and launch process, a dedicated team of experts provides support to merchants, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.


Can you Advertise on B&Q Marketplace? 

To excel on B&Q Marketplace, leveraging marketing tools is essential. Explore the range of available options to effectively promote your products and enhance visibility. Consider utilising sponsored listings, featured product placements, and targeted advertising to maximise reach. It’s crucial to diligently monitor analytics, evaluating the performance of your marketing endeavours. Make necessary adjustments to your budget and advertising strategies to ensure optimal results and sustained success on B&Q Marketplace. 

“Additionally, sellers who actively participate in B&Q promotions often experience heightened performance, benefiting from significant exposure during these promotional periods.” 

– Tristan Commecy, Marketplace Director at B&Q 


B&Q Shipments and Logistics 

B&Q does not offer fulfilment services, and sellers are responsible for directly fulfilling all products to customers. Sellers must adhere to the delivery timeframe specified in their product listings, ensuring delivery no later than 7 days after the customer’s purchase on the marketplace. Additionally, sellers are expected to dispatch their products within 2 days of receiving the order from the customer. 

Initially, deliveries for marketplace products on DIY.com won’t incur separate charges. The product price should cover all applicable taxes and any related costs, including delivery. Sellers are responsible for delivery costs, which should be included in the product price if needed. In the future, a solution may be developed to allow separate delivery fees, giving sellers the option to set a distinct charge visible to customers. 

Customers won’t initially be able to order products for in-store pickup, but this feature is planned for future implementation. Sellers will be kept updated on the progress of this development. 

Product packaging must meet legal requirements, including featuring the relevant UK legal entity address and ensuring correct product instruction manuals. Additionally, packaging should not display branding from fulfilment partners. Promotional materials, except those related to a manufacturer’s product warranty, are also not permitted. These requirements are outlined in the Vendor Terms & Conditions. 


If you’re considering expanding your presence in the marketplace and believe your products align well with B&Q, reach out to us. We’ll assist you throughout the application process and ensure a smooth onboarding experience while optimising your listings.  

Don’t miss out – seize the opportunity to join one of the UK’s leading brands in the DIY community. Apply now to begin selling with B&Q Marketplace and unlock the potential for accelerated sales growth. 

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