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Interview with CEO, James Pitts-Drake

Today marks the day we’re celebrating 4 years since Optimizon was first founded! As another year passes, we’d like to take this opportunity to also thank all our clients for their continued support and trust in the growth of Optimizon. We felt it was only...

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How to Make Amazon Work for your Brand

Traditionally, Amazon has been a place for third-party resellers to sell a mix of branded and unbranded goods. However, as Amazon establishes its dominance in the retail market, it is increasingly becoming a key sales channel for blue-chip brands to sell direct.  Not...

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Why Blue-Chip Brands Need to be on eBay as-well-as Amazon

Once seen as the poor relation to Amazon, home of bedroom sellers and declutterers turning their junk into pin money, eBay has morphed into a serious contender as a major marketplace retail channel. Upscale brands abound, and blue-chip brands are lining up to sharpen...

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5 Things You Need to Know... What is Prime Day?Prime Day is when customers flock to Amazon because it’s the best deals of the year. Sales shoot through the roof, so it’s a bonanza for anyone selling on the platform. But you have to get your promotions in early. When...

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Why Your Customers Love Amazon Storefronts

55% of consumer begin their online shopping searches on Amazon. It’s overtaken Google for searches when people actually want to buy something.  That’s why it is so important to have a storefront as it gives your customers more ways to find you. What is an Amazon...

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How To Stand Out On Amazon With A+ Brand Content

What is A+ Content?The A+ Content feature allows sellers to make changes and create a unique story that represents their brand. It sits below the product listing and replaces the product description section. Within the feature, you can include enhanced images,...

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How To Protect Your Brand Post-COVID on Amazon

When COVID-19 is over, Amazon is likely to be an even more dominant channel than it was before. By keeping going through the pandemic, it has gained new customers and strengthened its loyalty. Like it or not, if you own a brand, this channel is going to be an...

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If you want to set up your eCommerce store via Amazon marketplace, Optimizon can provide you with end-to-end support with its extensive experience and expertise. We have helped a large number of online merchants with amazon product listing services, product description writing, inventory management and customer support.

Professional amazon product listing services mean listing your products on Amazon marketplace, which includes amazon data entry, bulk product upload, catalogue processing, catalogue updating, product image editing, product description writing and customer support.

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