Top 5 Data-Led Amazon Software: Solutions to Ensure Success on Amazon Seller

In today’s ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, particularly within the realm of Amazon, the need for cutting-edge tools and software has never been more crucial.  

With a staggering influx of new sellers joining the platform each year, standing out against the competition demands more than just a product – it requires strategic insight, data-driven decision-making, and the right arsenal of tools.  

Here are our top 5 data-led Amazon software for you; 

  1. Nozzle 
  2. Jungle Scout – Cobalt 
  3. Merchant Springs 
  4. Helium 10 
  5. Data Dive 


We delve deeper into the realm of this Amazon software below, focusing on what we believe to be the top 5 essential solutions for ensuring success on Amazon. From powerful analytics tools like Nozzle and Jungle Scout to a myriad of other innovative software options, we explore how these tools can empower sellers to identify trends, leverage AI-powered insights, and ultimately overtake the competition.  

Whether you’re a seasoned Amazon Vendor or just starting out, these software solutions are your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your Amazon business. Take a look… 


1 – Nozzle 

Although niche, Nozzle offers some of the most important insights into your Amazon customer data. It can turn raw data into actionable insights that help you grow your business. Taking a deep dive into; 

  • Customer acquisition costs 
  • Customer lifetime value 
  • Customer retention rate 


The great thing about Nozzle is that it allows you to take the time to learn about your shoppers, teaching you about their behaviors and actions to build better marketing strategies in the long term.  

This has become our go-to software for strategizing, creating targets and goals, and building incremental profit over time. With a 14-day free trial, there’s no reason not to give it a go. 

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2 – Jungle Scout – Cobalt 

Jungle Scout is a comprehensive tool designed for Amazon sellers, initially focused on product research and now offering a wide range of functionalities. Since its inception in 2015, it has been trusted by professionals for its real-time data analysis, providing insights on customer demand, competition, profitability, and seasonality. Users can easily manage data, access features like Supplier Database for private labeling, Keyword Scout for optimizing listings, and Product Tracker for monitoring competitors. With Jungle Scout, sellers gain valuable intelligence to enhance their Amazon FBA business’s success. 

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3 – Merchant Springs 

For your multi-account set-ups, Merchant Springs is a must-have. With marketplace analytics, brand reporting and the ability to link to Amazon Seller and Vendor, it can bring together a myriad of data points into one seamless experience. Merchant Springs allows you to review traffic and conversion at a SKU level, assess trends, review sales by category, track account health, BuyBox win rate and so much more. Along with its endless supply of Amazon data, it also enables you to create automations to gather more product reviews. With the ability to plug into 120+ e-commerce, marketplace, and advertising channels, Merchant Springs is the perfect solution for large brands looking to optimise their Amazon sales before expanding onto other marketplaces such as Walmart, eBay and 

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4 – Helium 10 

Helium 10 stands out as a powerful suite of tools tailored for Amazon sellers, offering a comprehensive array of features to streamline various aspects of their businesses. With robust capabilities for product sourcing, listing optimization, and PPC campaign management, Helium 10 empowers sellers to drive growth and maximize profitability on the platform. Notably, its advanced keyword ranking abilities, including reverse ASIN lookup and keyword extraction, enable sellers to fine-tune their strategies for enhanced visibility and sales. Moreover, Helium 10’s inventory management platform simplifies logistical concerns, providing insights for efficient stock management and forecasting. With flexible pricing options and a free trial available, Helium 10 caters to sellers of all levels, making it an invaluable asset for navigating the competitive landscape of Amazon. 

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5 – Data Dive 

The name of this software says it all – Data Dive integrates comprehensive product and market research, Amazon SEO optimisation, and advertising management. 

With Data Dive, users can swiftly consolidate extensive keyword and competitor data into actionable reports in under 90 seconds, accelerating decision-making. This data empowers users to make informed choices regarding product development, assess listing strengths and weaknesses, craft optimised listings for improved ranking, and launch effective marketing campaigns. 

Data Dive offers a holistic solution for managing products from initial research and validation to launch, growth, and maintenance phases. That’s why it made our list of top 5 Amazon data-led software. 

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Accessing multiple software solutions for a single brand can be extremely costly. It’s important to evaluate the resources you already have, even if they’re challenging to locate within Amazon’s backend, and what’s most important for your brand right now. There are hundreds of platforms out there, all of them able to help in some way, but it’s imperative you know the ways they will benefit you and leverage them effectively.

If you need all of the above and more, consider collaborating with an agency like Optimizon. We use this software extensively in our daily operations, enabling us to manage the associated costs and time commitments on your behalf. Contact us today to learn more. 

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