Optimizon’s Head of Creative selected as industry expert for Facebook & The Drum

Optimizon’s Head of Business Strategy & Creative, Mel Henson, has been invited to appear in Facebook/Meta and The Drum’s Digital Makeover documentary series called Marketing Can Change the World campaign.

Having worked for numerous prime advertising agencies in the UK, Mel has become one of the leading figures in creative marketing, specialising in words that sell. She has even written a book on the subject! Mel is also a popular speaker at industry events.

The documentary focuses on giving two small businesses a digital makeover, with the help of expert business leaders, to positively impact their business.  One is a UK business, and the other is a company based in the US.

Mel was asked to join the documentary series to help a small UK business overcome problems and challenges relating to brand messaging, content, and wider marketing challenges. Together with other experts from leading brands including Dole and Chipotle, Mel was part of a team of experts helping them move positively forward in an ever-shifting digital landscape.

The series introduces each business to leading industry figures from several fields. This brings a newfound sense of optimism to the small businesses through these new expert connections. Viewers are introduced to the industry contributors making up each team, who bring a range of expertise and diverse skills to the table. Mel is part of the expert team tasked with giving Scottish soap business Caurnie Soaperie some expert advice.

The Drum said ‘Small businesses are the lifeblood and engine of the global economy, creating jobs, opportunities and even lifting communities out of poverty. On every level, from culture to commerce, and in every nation, their success is vitally important – but not every small business has the marketing knowledge and access to digital tools to realise or reach their full potential.’

Mel added ‘I’m delighted that not only are we helping an individual business, but there are lessons that any SME can apply to ramp up their marketing and sales. There are so many tools available to today’s marketers that can quickly give even the smallest firm a global presence.

Like many businesses, Caurnie Soaperie has real heart and character, and with a little help, they could move forward successfully.’

Watch the full docu-series episodes below:

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