Optimizon Strengthens Market Presence through Strategic Acquisition of Marketplace Power

This new acquisition is a big step for Optimizon as we work towards becoming the top e-commerce agency in Europe. After successfully acquiring Marketplace Amp and Nozzle in 2023, we now have more services to offer and are even more determined to help clients succeed. With these changes, we are ready to bring fresh and creative solutions to brands all around the world, shaping the future of e-commerce.

In a move that underscores our commitment to being a pivotal player in the ever-evolving European e-commerce consultancy landscape, we are proud to announce the successful acquisition of MarketplacePower.

Founded and led by ex-Amazonian Daniel Walsh, MarketplacePower is a strategic Amazon agency dedicated to helping consumer brands understand and build best in class businesses on Amazon. With a focus on consumables and fashion categories, MarketplacePower offers full-service Amazon account management to brands stretching from start-ups to those with established Amazon businesses.

James Pitts-Drake, the Founder and CEO of Optimizon, expressed his excitement about this strategic move, stating, “Welcoming MarketplacePower into the Optimizon family aligns seamlessly with our vision of becoming Europe’s leading data-led e-commerce consultancy. With MarketplacePower’s ex-Amazon team and strategic emphasis, we are well-equipped to redefine e-commerce support for our clients across the continent.”

Daniel Walsh, owner of MarketplacePower, shared his perspective on the acquisition, saying, “Joining forces with Optimizon opens up new opportunities for MarketplacePower and our brands. We believe that our strategic and analytical approach, combined with Optimizon’s technology, teams and multi-channel offering will add huge value to our partners both on and off Amazon. We’re excited to fuel the next stages of their growth as part of the Optimizon group.” 

As part of our seamless integration process, we will incorporate the MarketplacePower team into our existing workforce, ensuring a smooth transition and a continued commitment to delivering exceptional customer service for our clients. This integration will also provide clients with access to our data-led service offerings, including consumer insights audits, visual analytics, and award-winning preparatory Amazon analytics tools, enabling them to surpass competition on various marketplaces.

This latest acquisition is a major move for us on our journey to becoming the leading e-commerce agency in Europe. With these enhancements, we are set to introduce innovative and creative solutions for brands globally, playing a key role in shaping the future of e-commerce.

The team at Optimizon are really excited about the new acquisition, and we can’t wait to share more updates about our growth in the next few months. Keep an eye out for more news as we continue to grow in the e-commerce world!

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