How Amazon’s top sellers always seem to stay one step ahead

They prioritize customer needs over reseller preferences to develop a target-busting Amazon distribution strategy and beat the competition. 

In this article we show how Amazon’s top sellers navigate the landscape to beat the competition consistently. 

So, you’ve taken the first step by enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry service to gain better control over your brand’s presence on the platform. This empowers you to manage your product listings on Amazon, ensuring accurate representation and presentation of your products.  

However, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your Amazon journey stops here. While safeguarding your brand from unauthorized third-party sellers is vital, overlooking the dynamic between resellers and customers can be detrimental to your overall success. 

Two Distinct Approaches 

Within the realm of Amazon sales, brands often adopt one of two primary approaches. 

The first involves giving multiple resellers the green light to push sales on Amazon. This sounds tempting, when faced with saying no to an established retailer’s request to sell your products. If your reseller is already making waves on Amazon, instructing them to hit the brakes can be challenging. You might think, why not let them continue? The logic follows that if resellers succeed on Amazon, they’ll continue purchasing from your brand, creating a win-win scenario – right? 

The second approach centres on optimizing the customer experience. A key driver of Amazon’s exponential growth lies in allowing various resellers to share the same product listing.  Resellers compete for the coveted “Buy Box” and Amazon’s algorithm favours the lowest price, leading to a potential race to the bottom in pricing. Some less experienced resellers might even go for broke and sell at a lost to win the Buy Box. 

So which path do you tread? Remember, the customer experience is the golden goose of Amazon – protect it at all costs. 


Dodge the Pitfalls of Neglecting Brand Control 

It’s crucial to recognize that resellers aren’t the guardians of your brand integrity on Amazon. For sustainable success on Amazon, your survival kit should contain  

  • Prominent placement for product listings in organic search results 
  • Top-tier listing content to drive conversions 
  • Consistent stock levels to protect sales rank 

A whopping 78% of Amazon searches lack brand names. It’s imperative for your brand’s product listings to be SEO optimised to boost discovery rates.  

If a product is Amazon Prime eligible that’s even better for organic search visibility. 

Once a customer stumbles on your product listing, their purchasing decision hinges on the listing’s imagery, bullet points, and content. If the listing is irresistible – you’ve made the sale! 

But here’s the pickle: retailers love to shift units, often via discounts, not perfecting listing content.  

Multi-brand retailers deftly handle stock shortages pivoting to other brands for alternative options. They are after their own success story not the individual success of the brands they carry. 


Choosing Your Path 

How can a brand navigate the Amazon labyrinth and come out on top? 

It’s simple. Our recommendation is to establish an independent Amazon seller account, our Account Managers are used to supporting clients with this day in day out, register your brand and serve your customers directly on Amazon. You’ll gain absolute control over pricing, inventory management, and pick the products that best suit your audience. It’s customer-centricity at it’s core. 

Thinking about it, what’s good for individual retailers might not always chime with your brand’s best interests. The mechanics of Amazon amplify this mismatch. Brands striving for long-term growth and equity through Buy Box control, independent pricing, inventory management, selection optimization, advertising finesse, and effective branding must stand tall and muster the courage to say “no” to retailers – even when it’s tough. 


Need Assistance? 

No-one said setting up your seller Central Account was a walk in the park though. Sifting through regulations and figuring out marketing tactics can be a whirlwind.  

That’s where we step in with our Optimizon expertise.  

Reach out to us, and our team of Amazon Selling Consultants to help you map out your path to sales success. We act as the trusted guides to many multi-national brands with winning teams and are ready to give your brand the attention it deserves. 

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