Exciting News; We’re Now an Amazon EU Agency Platinum Partner

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve officially joined the EU Agency Program as a platinum partner! 

What does this mean for you? Well, it means we’re taking our partnership with Amazon to the next level. With the EU Agency Program by our side, we’re equipped with strategic guidance and personalised support to ramp up New Selling Partner accounts like never before. 

While you’ll still have the same awesome service and relationship with us, our connection with Amazon just got a serious boost. Our dedicated agency account managers will be working behind the scenes to ensure your success, while we focus on delivering the best results for your business. 

Amazon’s EU Agency Platinum Partner offers some fantastic perks tailored for top tier agencies like ours. Here’s the rundown: 

Education: Get ready to dive into a wealth of knowledge! We’re immersing ourselves in self-service online courses covering everything from Amazon’s services to account management and growth strategies, ensuring we stay ahead of the game in all things Amazon. 

Operational Support: Your peace of mind is paramount to us. Any unresolved issues will be promptly escalated to our Agency Account Managers. Consider us your backup squad, ready to step in and provide additional support whenever you need it. 

Business Expansion Reviews: Let’s talk strategy. We’ll hold regular meetings with our Agency Account Managers concentrating on growing your business. Whether it’s expanding internationally, adopting new programs like FBA or pan-EU, or just keeping an eye on your account health and selection, we‘re there every step of the way to offer guidance and support. 

So, get ready for an even smoother, smarter journey ahead. Together with the EU Agency Program, we’re poised to take your Amazon experience to new heights. Let’s make this partnership more successful than ever before! 

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