Avoid The Common Mistakes When Listing On Amazon

Just like Google and other search engines – on Amazon you need to be top to sell effectively (and at a higher price!)

Just ask yourself when you last paged down more than a couple of pages to find the item you were looking for; research shows that only a very small percentage of people do.

Amazon is full of sellers who don’t sell as much as they deserve and if they do; they are ranked so low, they have to put up with achieving lower prices and therefore lower margins. On Amazon there are real examples of exactly the same products being sold by different organisations who on page one of Amazon achieve a price of £20+ yet on page 15 only £11.

Gaining higher search rankings on Amazon relies on several things clicking into place.

The content of the listing, quality and number of graphics and detailed keyword analysis are all vital components as well as a thorough understanding of the Amazon search algorithm. This considers customer reviews, stock levels and even how many times customers view and leave a listing without purchasing!

As the video from Optimizon founder James Pitts-Drake explains, there are several areas to consider get right and they all need the same attention if the product is to rank

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