Love CBD

The Company

‘Love CBD’ is family run business, based in Cambridgeshire and has been manufacturing and selling legal cannabis-derived products since 2014. As a pioneer in the UK’s CBD market, they stand tall as the 2nd longest-running UK CBD brand. Love CBD have more positive Trustpilot reviews than any other UK CBD brand, with an impressive 4.9/5 feedback rating. Visit their online shop at

The Challenge

In 2021, eBay’s announced the launch of their CBD category. However, as the launch got pushed back to 2022, Love CBD found themselves manoeuvring through a constant flux of rules and regulations for online CBD sales.

As all the goalposts kept moving, we stepped in.  Our role? To help the Love CBD team navigate the labyrinth of changing guidelines, whilst setting up their eBay account effectively.

The Action

Whilst eBay were working on getting the CBD category live, we worked behind the scenes to lay the foundation for Love CBD’s success. 

Our team created categories, designed a captivating store and ensured Love CBD was primed to hit the ground running.

Our exclusive partnership with eBay also put Love CBD on the fast track to success.  They gained swift approval for an invite-only programme, thanks to our deep-rooted connecting within eBay.

Mobile First Listing Optimisation

Keeping in mind that 80% of purchases made on mobile and tablet, we optimised Love CBD’s mobile listing by adding HTML text, ensuring a clear, 800-character description is visible on mobile listings.

Advertising Strategy

We spearheaded a strong advertising strategy by setting up campaigns for the highest search placements in the CBD category.  This was crucial to the new launch strategy as you are only permitted to advertise in the category your products are listed in. And that’s not all….


…we provided the Love CBD team with comprehensive training in order management, messaging and feedback.  Our expertise in eBay’s processes enabled us to guide Love CBD in the areas they needed it most.

The Results

As exclusive eBay partners, we unlocked doors for Love CBD such as deals, promotions and brand badging, bolstering their brand visibility right from the beginning. 

Their enhanced brand image combined with high-traffic deals on the homepage, led to increased visibility and sales.  The Love CBD logo is now visible on the search page next to the listing, and, when clicked, it takes you to their shopfront, showing customers a trustworthy brand.

Training enabled the team to successfully run the account independently, while becoming a top-rated seller with superb service metrics. 

This is more than just a success story. It’s a testament to the value of adapting quickly to change and having a team like Optimizon on your side!