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Amazon Consulting Services

Advice on all aspects of Amazon to help you avoid many of the common mistakes and missed opportunities that you would discover the hard way. With over 12 years experience our Amazon consultants we’ve “been there, done that” and yes, in the early days we made a few mistakes which you will benefit from!

Amazon Product Creation

Creating a listing on Amazon is easy – getting it right is not (unless you know how). A great product listing is one of the keys (or THE key) to successful positioning on Amazon and with over twenty aspects to get right – doing just one wrong will be the difference between pages 1 or 2 and page 30 plus.


Amazon SEO

Optimize your listing not just for Amazon, but also Google and other Search Engines to ensure you benefit from constant sources of free, organic traffic. Remember; we’re looking for a page 1 or page 2 listing for your products to achieve more visibility and more sales.


Amazon Keyword Research

Using both Amazon and our proprietary tools, we make sure we thoroughly research and select all the best keywords and search phrases Amazon buyers are using to find your product. There is a lot of competition for keywords and some may not necessarily be the most obvious and so thorough, detailed, research is key.

Amazon Account Set Up & Management

Optimizon Amazon consultants offer a full service from initial account creation and ongoing management including full reporting on all activities. We can handle your complete Amazon selling activities which allows you to concentrate on your other sales channels

Amazon Logistics and Fulfilment

Whether you intend to go with FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) or not – we can assist and advise on logistics and fulfilment as well as analysing sales trends over time and forecasting future product demand (essential if clients are using FBA)

Amazon Product Reviews

An essential part of the puzzle which many clients just let happen (or not). We proactively drive feedback via customer reviews and know just what’s needed to leverage that part of the Amazon Algorithm to assist in higher product rankings

Amazon Customer Service and Returns Management

Unfortunately, every product brings a level of returns; it’s the way these are dealt with that makes an organisation stand out. OptimiZon can handle customer service enquiries as well as product returns; to your standards and policies of course.

Amazon Paid Advertising

As with Google and other search engines, Amazon provides a paid advertising facility to gain ground on the competition (especially at product launch) assisting in higher initial rankings. Over time there will be scope to reduce this as products gain popularity and push higher in the rankings.

With the majority of our clients opting for the full OptimiZon Account Management Package our Amazon consultants can manage and take responsibility for all aspects of your Amazon journey allowing you to concentrate on your other sales channels. Alternatively we can tailor a package via a menu driven approach (from the services shown above) to suit individual Client needs however, because many of the individual aspects of Amazon are closely interlinked and dependant on each other, we will advise at the outset if this approach will bring the results you are seeking.

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