What are the most exciting ecommerce trends you should look out for in 2021?

There’s no doubt that 2020 brought its challenges. But on the upside, year-end retail ecommerce sales are predicted to grow by over 30%. And this is a leap of more than double from the previous five years of growth. 

So, while the reasons for this can be linked to the pandemic, we want to show you exactly what led to this growth and outline some of the key trends you’ll want to look out for in 2021.  

Lifestyle changes: With less chance to head to the shops, over 17 million British shoppers used e-commerce for the first time.

Increased demand for new products: Health, hygiene and pharmaceuticals were the most popular products in 2020, making up over £13bn in UK sales.

Higher expectations for deliveries: Home delivery was the most popular reason for two-thirds of customers to choose e-commerce stores over brick-and-mortar.

Brands pivoting to meet new challenges: Over 8,000 fashion retailers got online for the first time, shifting their business models to meet new demands

1. Robot deliveries – Thanks to Amazon Scout, autonomous technology is being developed to power robot deliveries. Although these were first trialled across various US locations in 2019, a new team was introduced to the UK in September. While we don’t know when they’ll be ready, you could well see motorised boxes on wheels bringing deliveries to UK customer doors in 2021.

2. More live streaming shopping – Since staying at home is the norm, more people are streaming. And because of this, we may see live streaming shopping—currently massive in China—adopted in the rest of the world.

3. Visual Commerce – Amazon Storefronts became a thing in 2018 and are the perfect example of Visual Commerce. They act like a mini-website for your products, helping you promote offers with a limitless number of visuals. So, expect to see more Visual Commerce in 2021.

4. Voice Commerce – Amazon’s Alexa is an obvious example of customers using voice commands to purchase products online. Now, 1 in 5 smart speaker owners use them to review details of their cart items or research new products.

5. Omnichannel shopping – What is Omnichannel shopping? Well, it means being where your customers are, offline and online, all the time. So, if they’re spending most of their time on Instagram, TikTok, and Amazon, you need to be there too.

Optimizon can help you make the most of this

2020 has been a colossal year for Amazon. In the last quarter, online store revenues increased by a third, and third-party seller services increased by more than a half.

With millions of new customers using the platform, selling on Amazon should be a serious part of your brand’s e-commerce strategy. But making the most of it requires the right strategy and multidisciplinary team, from creative to technical to media and advertising buyers.

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